Our warehouse team can organise cost-effective delivery of any Meeting Pods to any location in Australia. This typically would take around a week to Capital City Locations (timing can vary considerably in the current climate, however).

We can also organise difficult installations, involving crane loading into tricky locations, as well as our installation team manually carrying components up stairs.

It is essential that we understand your delivery and installation requirements, so we can quote correctly. Our standard delivery involves tailgate loading of crates and trolley to a nearby ground level location (no stairs).

Please contact us with your requirements and location for accurate quotes.


Our Melbourne Team can provide assistance if required in Victoria, and we have experienced installers located in Qld, NSW, Victoria and ACT (more coming).

Note that our Pods are designed to be self-installed although this is more difficult than the videos below indicate. These Videos show this process with two people typically required for smaller Pods and 3 people for the lPod and xPod. These videos are provided by “Soundbox” which is effectively an identical product, sold in other countries.

Installation Videos